Veterans Ending The Stigma was established by disabled veterans of the numerous armed forces upon the virtues of camaraderie, social responsibility and continued education as an effective means to achieve independence and autonomy of the individual from unique and limiting circumstances. Through constructive discourse and meaningful dialogue, we hope to open lines of communication with target individuals and organizations in an effort to dissolve stigmas often attributed to those who have honorably served their nation, only to become marginalized and disenfranchised by the same society they so valiantly served.
Formed from the observed experiences that the legislative, as well as the ballot petition process to legalize cannabis in the Great State of Ohio had to offer, the founding members of Veterans Ending The Stigma detected an express requirement to form a social welfare organization specifically catered towards designing educational programs and services that can provide specialized education to other, uniformed veterans and prominent community leaders, but also act as an avenue of communication between constituent and policymaker in an attempt to shine light upon those issues which affect veterans most.

As previously avowed, we believe in community involvement, communal affiliation, and brotherhood. As such, we belong to other nonprofits like the American Legion and the Law Enforcement Action Partnership. We intend to utilize these memberships and relationships to establish “Memorandums of Understandings” in order to further our concurrent, overlapping causes.
Through practical dialogue and innovative education, Veterans Ending The Stigma aspires to resolve numerous stigmas commonly correlated with veterans, from opinions about mental illness and homelessness, to the utilization of cannabis for Post Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Brain injury, and chronic pain, etc.

At Veterans Ending The Stigma, we believe our integrity, our entrepreneurial ethic, and our diversity to be among our most valuable assets. What we currently lack in liquidity, we most certainly make up for in knowledge, motivation, and gumption. Our Board of Directors is varied in both work and life experience. We consist of veterans as well as civilian personnel whose specialized skills range from law enforcement, criminal justice, and political science, to rehabilitative services and pharmacology. Together, we can return respect to those who gave their all.

At Veterans Ending The Stigma; we know that cannabis is medicine, that homelessness is merely a condition of circumstance, not a reflection of who you are as a human being, and that mental illness is not a choice, never something to feel ashamed of.
Our objective is stigma destruction. Our preferred outcome sought is the normalization of medicinal cannabis use, standardized education of all things cannabis, and concomitant training to accompany said utilization and education within contemporary, civilized society.

We are Veterans Ending The Stigma.