To succeed, one must continually connect with new people. Joining Veterans Ending the Stigma allows for the fostering of essential social relationships and networking contacts within your community generally, and the veteran and cannabis communities more specifically. The bonds and alliances formed as a result are catalysts for achievement, progress, and prosperity. Because volunteering is a social activity, and allows for the opportunity to meet interesting people who have shared interests and mutual values, it also becomes a fantastic vehicle to get together with friends on a regular basis.

However, the most crucial aspect to recognize regarding networking is this: Ultimately, it is not about who you know (which is important), but who knows you. As such, Veterans Ending The Stigma strives to provide the most effective and efficacious networking opportunities possible, as well as the best personalities, speakers, industry leaders, community organizers, and innovators available.

This distinction is, part and parcel, what establishes Veterans Ending The Stigma apart from other veteran-specific, cannabis-oriented nonprofits, and what will assist you as an individual in standing-out from your peers in a positive manner, while leveraging your resources and bolstering your sphere of influence.



Why do people commonly join nonprofits and other social organizations? To help the community and others? Perhaps to aid in strengthening old or newly formed friendships? Why is it that people, even rather busy ones, volunteer their time? At Veterans Ending The Stigma, we like to think it is because they have recognized the social benefits of volunteering time to a particular cause or specific organization. We also believe that people inherently feel good by doing meaningful work for the public good. Who knows? Maybe it’s even your passion?

By volunteering, becoming a member, or both, you will be able to be directly involved within your community and work with fellow citizens on issues that directly affect veterans, including: dissolving the stigma associated with and championing the acceptance of medicinal cannabis use as an alternative or adjunct to prescription medications, homelessness on a regional, statewide and national purview, as well as mental health and wellness.

The aforementioned target issues can unequivocally be defined as sociopolitical concerns. Consequently, the matters are sharply contested at the local, state, and federal levels. Meaning, a shift in policy can mean a real change in law and/or a transformation in fundamental public practices.



Traditionally speaking, joining a nonprofit offers a person the ability to develop new and previously refined skills, polish and add to their existing resume, test-pilot a potential professional position in the for-profit private sector, and bring unique, innovative ideas to the team. At Veterans Ending The Stigma, our objectives, more often than not, direct our efforts toward cutting-edge objectives, objectives with innovative outcomes. We are hungry for new ideas, your ideas. We want to incubate those ideas, and propel that innovation.

Here at Veterans Ending The Stigma, we believe that we are stronger together. We believe that we must lift each other up, metaphorically and literally, especially in times of great need. We believe in destroying glass ceilings, as well as sticky floors. We believe in dissolving stigma. We believe in obliterating dogma. We believe in pragmatism. We believe in introducing new frameworks. And we believe in inducing novel paradigm shifts into this world.

Break the mold.

Join us.