Dr. Michelle Price /  R.Ph, Pharm.D, B.C.A.C.P

Dr. Michelle Price /  R.Ph, Pharm.D, B.C.A.C.P

Former United States Air Force Dependent

In 2006, Michelle received her doctorate of pharmacy from the University of Cincinnati. Michelle was first published in the American College of Clinical Pharmacy in 2005. In her continued education, Michelle went on to become board certified in ambulatory care by the Board of Pharmacy Specialties in 2014. Michelle has worked in a variety of healthcare settings from managed care, federal, retail, mail order, hospital, and clinical environments.

Being the spouse of a military veteran, Michelle was fortunate enough to become licensed in multiple states, including the territory of Guam.

Over the years in her personal time, Michelle has conducted numerous hours of research in areas of pharmaceutical medications and their interactions/counteractions with whole plant cannabis materials, and their medicinal values.

Today, Michelle is an active member with the American Pharmacists Association as well as other nonprofit organizations/charities.

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