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Nycole Brownfield

Nycole Brownfield

In 2003 Nycole received her degree in Business Management with her minor focus on Cultural Diversity, Sociology and Surgical Technology from The University of Akron. In 2014 Nycole began actively researching medical cannabis uses as an alternative to treat her son’s epilepsy. In this process she discovered the versatile potentials for medical cannabis and began working to assist with two separate campaigns to bring this medication to Ohio.

During her advocacy work in 2014 Nycole became aware of the current disarray of the health care system for veterans and the potential benefits and uses for medical cannabis in the veteran community. She became a part of Veterans Ending The Stigma executive board and assisted with projects ranging from production of informational publications to policy and procedure creation. Nycole has also managed the event coordination, social media presence and quarterly newsletters for V.E.T.S. since joining the team.

Nycole was recently named the Administrative Secretary at Veterans Ending The Stigma where she volunteers to educate the community on concerns that trouble veterans with a concentration on PTSD, TBI, Homelessness and embracing the freedom of medical choice. She continues to educate herself on veteran’s topics through The Department of Veterans Affairs holding multiple certifications to help serve the V.E.T.S. mission.

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