With help from of our affiliates, we are able to offer products and services to our members at discounted rates.


These partnerships are Critical To:


  • Building and sustaining healthy community relationships.

  • Promote ongoing and future projects.


Partner's Mission

CBD Health and Wellness Center is committed to providing the highest quality, medicinal grade CBD products on the market at a reasonable price. Their products offer relief from joint and soft tissue pain, stress and anxiety, and the more acute symptoms associated with PTSD.

“In partnership with V.E.T.S., we are offering members of the organization a “Buy One, Get One Free” deal on our website. We salute our veterans who put themselves on the line so the rest of us can live free.”-CBD Health and Wellness Center Team

Mission : End Veteran Homelessness

For many veterans, the return from active duty to civilian life is a destabilizing transition. Following discharge, the lack of adequate social support and unemployment coupled with the “hidden wounds of war “have led to homelessness for many servicemen and women. Our mission is to provide these veterans with a single occupancy homestead on farmable land, for free. The goal is to allow time to heal, retrain, and successfully regain independence.

Become a Partner

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