Following service, many of our veterans feel lost, plagued by disabling psychological and physiological afflictions. Through this struggle, a considerable stigma has been placed on these brave men and women. We intend to end this stigma.


By means of constructive dialogue, anecdotal reason, and novel erudition, Veterans Ending The Stigma aspires to end all stigma associated with veterans, namely perceptions about mental illness, homelessness, and the use of medical cannabis to treat conditions such as Post Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Chronic Pain.

Through Education, Camaraderie, and Community Outreach, We can end the stigma placed upon our veterans.


  • We have met with various Ohio State Senators and Ohio State Representatives; educating them on the many problems our veterans face, offering solutions for each respective issue.
  • Participated in numerous community events in order to bring awareness of veterans issues to our fellow citizens.
  • Attended the World Cannabis Conference and Expo in Pittsburgh, PA to educate and bring awareness to Veterans and the cannabis community as a whole on how they can help End the Stigma at a state, regional, and national level
  • Highlighted by various media outlets and in local newspaper articles underscoring our efforts to raise awareness among the populace regarding who we are and what we are attempting to accomplish.
  • Assisted in hosting and advertising medical cannabis education events and job opportunity forums to share our mission and insight to both the general public and target demographics.